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In which areas can MO-Vision offer consulting services? 


Market studies can generate a lot of numbers and percentages, but are these really useful for you? MO-Vision thinks that market research should inform and inspire you, and give you a real understanding of what the customer thinks. MO-Vision has experience with various types of Consumer Research, from customer clinics to large online surveys. We can advise regarding the suitable method to take, so that information will come out that is really useful for you.

MO-Vision also has extensive experience regarding expert interviews:
For example in-depth interviews among the product's distributors, in order to benefit from the expertise that is there in the sales channel.
We also do various in-depth interviewing and group discussions with consumers. We consider our added value to be especially in the interpretation of the results: to put the outcomes in perspective, and not take them at face value!

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MO-Vision can support your marketing activities by a very deliberate 'customer focus'. Many companies have, despite being in the market for a long time and despite market research by professional agencies, lost the real understanding for the actual customer. MO-Vision believes strongly in realistic, direct customer contact to evaluate marketing activities: REALITY-CHECK MARKETING.

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We can support the development of a totally new product concept by your company. How can you steer the development process in such a way, that the chance for success increases? Is the idea coherent in the overall STRATEGY? How to handle the PROJECT and its co-ordination? Which type of MARKET RESEARCH can help to make the right decisions?

MO-Vision's philosophy is to create the right harmony between the following three areas:

  • Design development
    Sometimes, the design and aesthetics of a product are dominated by the technical experts or styling specialists. How to bring those into balance with the customer's needs, and the possibilities of your company?
  • Technical capabilities & competences
    Your company has its strong and weak points regarding Development and Production; How to utilise these in an optimal way?
  • Customer focus
    Finally, the new product should deliver a clear and additional value to the customer. And the customers have their own ideas about that…. Are the future customer's wishes and trends in society considered sufficiently in de development process?

If the product development process is too much oriented towards one or two of those 'pillars', there is a larger risk of failure. MO-Vision had a long experience in coordinating new product development and can help its clients to set up a good procedure. Of course in close cooperation with the experts inside your company!

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MO-Vision can also offer 'second opinions'. Marketing and product development are topics that always force you to make difficult choices. Second opinions and new points of view can give you new inspiration again. And this can be done for a relatively limited budget, a few hours per month could be enough. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or just to exchange thoughts.

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Sketches, drawings, models, various ideas for new features… HOW TO MAKE A CHOICE in that? How to choose if your designer brings three great proposals? How to proceed if your designer brings three proposals that you don't like at all? How to prevent that personal tastes, influence the design decisions too much? MO-Vision has a long experience in 'reading' and judging styling ideas and is able to coordinate a decision-making process that accounts for both creativity and objectivity and also takes in to account the customer's taste.

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How do customers orient themselves in retail outlets, and how to arrange the showroom so that the shopping experience is both pleasant to the customer and beneficial to the sales of the shop?  What layout should be used?
What kind of display materials are useful? How many of them are needed?
MO-Vision has a long experience in research and advice regarding showroom materials and showroom design.

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