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First some examples of consulting projects, then our market researches:


  • Strategic advice on positioning and brand claim
  • Development of dealer showroom design guidelines
  • Brand loyalty analysis and advice
  • Advice on development of shop-in-shop system
  • Strategy advice, scooter positioning
  • Brand Licensing study
  • Competitive analysis, motorcycle brands
  • Customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer experience

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  • Development of marketing handbook / brand book
  • Engine oil campaign advice for ad agency
  • Brand persona development regarding typical customers
  • Social media strategy advice in multi-country environment
  • Racing communications advice for ad agency
  • Motorshow booth evaluation / strengths & weaknesses
  • Development of Photography guidelines per market segment for ad agency
  • Website evaluation in terms of content and navigation logic
  • Evaluation of communication materials like brochures and video

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Dealer and network development

  • Online, pan-European dealer training development for new motorcycle and scooter models
  • Advice on dealer standards and a dealer performance measurement system
  • Showroom design consultancy
  • Dealer design guidelines development
  • Evaluation of point-of-sales materials and corporate identity materials at dealershops

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Market and customer

  • Ageing customers study
  • Outboard engine market scan
  • Off-road market step-up structure analysis
  • Quad market scan, usage description, customer & market overview
  • Customer profiling and segmentation, scooter
  • Market status analysis of the Eastern European market for powered two-wheelers
  • Motorcycle positioning analysis
  • Quad market structure understanding & future projections
  • Off-road market structure understanding & future projections

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Product Development

  • Concept development support for new motorcycles
  • Creative brainstorms on new concepts
  • Trend studies as background for development
  • Concept evaluations regarding new types of vehicles and new types of watercrafts
  • Design advice during design development
  • Customer acceptance of new technologies

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Market Research Projects 2016-2020

  • Early customer profile & model evaluation after new model launches, online, Europe
  • Online survey on boat purchase, France
  • Dealer survey on brand image, Europe
  • Dealer survey on electric bicycles and e-mtbs, Europe
  • Customer survey regarding motorcycle finance, France, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia
  • Online survey regarding ATV purchase, France
  • Accessory survey regarding scooters, Spain, Italy
  • Usage & Attitudes regarding adventure type motorcycles, Europe
  • Usage & Attitudes regarding ATVs/RVs, Europe
  • Customer interest in e-bikes / e-mtbs, Europe
  • Engine configuration preferences among motorycle owners, Europe

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Market Research Projects 2011-2015

  • Engine preference online survey, Europe
  • Show model survey for new motorcycle, France and Italy
  • Electric bicycle surveys, Netherlands and France
  • Supersports online survey, Europe
  • Motocross face-to-face interviews, France, Italy, UK
  • Off-road web survey, Germany, France, UK, Sweden
  • Mystery shopping, motorcycle and ATV purchase, Israel
  • Survey on used bikes, Europe
  • Online survey three-wheeler, Europe
  • Colouring surveys, Europe
  • Ageing customer survey, Europe
  • Vintage trend survey, Europe
  • Online survey electric motorcycles, Europe

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Market Research Projects 2006-2010

  • Store audits / Dealer checks on product exposition, France, Spain, Germany, UK, Italy
  • Online survey on showroom visit / shopping behaviour, Europe
  • Quad market expert interviews with dealers, France, Germany, U.K.
  • Quad online customer survey, Europe
  • Focus groups on new type of vehicle, France, Italy, Germany
  • Mail survey on snowmobile usage in Sweden
  • Mystery shopping, motorcycle purchase, 10 countries
  • Scooter model evaluation of a new model, France, Spain, Italy
  • Desk research on shopping and customer behaviour in showrooms
  • Data analysis regarding brand image & brand positioning
  • Motocross and Off-road online survey on ownership & usage, Europe
  • Desk research about beginners & entry into motorcycling and scootering
  • Online survey on Design

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Market Research Projects 2005 and before

  • Motorcycle / scooter brochure evaluation by customers, U.K., Italy, France, Germany
  • Off-road motorcycle online survey
  • Expert interviews about electric water craft
  • Customer loyalty analysis
  • Motorcycle model evaluation by owners and prospects, France and Germany, for a model that failed to sell well
  • Motorshow face-to-face survey on engine oil
  • Customer profile, motorcycle and scooter models
  • Expert interviews about racing communication activities

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